Unbeatable Netflix Flight Experience 2018

Oftentimes, traveling to distant places makes us feel uncomfortable and tired, especially when we come across long hours of flight. This is perhaps one of the reasons why airline companies provide passengers something to enjoy or simply kill the time during the long hours that passengers settle on that couch.

Netflix Onboard

Current airline carrier amenities

Airline companies provide music audio and movie files to keep the passengers entertained. However, apart from this, people seem to be prone to boredom and will truly appreciate the airline who is more attentive to their entertainment needs.

While most of us viewers rely on internet streaming with NetFlix, having no wi-fi or internet connection for a, say, 7 hours flight, is a struggle. Netflix then attempts to expand streaming access for their avid viewers by getting airline carriers as partners this 2018 to share low-bandwidth mobile streaming technology and improve in-flight wifi speeds. This was reported during the last APEX Expo 2017 as reported by Variety.

The proposal includes the airlines offering low-cost Wi-fi, travelers will now have the opportunity to get updated to NetFlix series such as The Crown and Stranger Things and more exciting videos which I could say are must-watches. These paying members, who used Netflix’s online point-of-sale system, which is similar to RedFynn’s interface, get the upgrade opportunity automatically. However, non-NetFlix members will be able to enjoy the said opportunity by signing up for a 30-day free trial subscription. A great way to get more subscribers for Netflix! This will allow the passengers to access video streaming straight into their personal devices which is pretty much a big deal for the short and long period of flights. Apart from this, the airline carriers could save a high percentage of bandwidth cost on the partnership.

NetFlix Proposal and visions on 2018

This offer is not really new as Netflix also offers a partnership with an airline back in 2015 on a NetflixOnboard deal that offers quite similar features to passengers for video streaming. Right now, NetFlix provides a feature for the subscribers to download the video series without a Wi-Fi connection. This was launched last 2016 which allows users to download their favorite movies and shows to be and can be viewed offline.

Right now, NetFlix also partnered with a couple of Airlines especially those traveling longer flights as their passengers are more likely the first to get restless because of long hours flight. NetFlix’s partnership with more airline companies is now giving NetFlix subscribers an expectant time of anticipation for next years’ flight experience.