Millennial Movie Marathons

A long holiday is fast approaching and perhaps you may be thinking about how you will spend your extra time during your vacation. Before, people either stay at home and watch old movies shown on television or go out and watch a movie on cinema. Now, the internet offers a vast list of movie choices you will be pleased to watch especially with companies broadcasting TV series like NetFlix. Even the word movie marathon is common to those who chose to rather stay at home and watch movies rather than going out.

It’s amazing how our film industry evolved through time. From the time of Charlie Chaplin (the earliest in my recollection though I was not born during its eminence) until today or whatever it has become now, where awesome CG makes the films seem so real. It is truly awe-inspiring and I can say we’ve gone really far.

But one thing that strikes me, again and again, is what we know today as the K-pop. It is a Korean-based fever which includes Korean Drama Series. Korean film industry invests on technology and celebrities who generate huge impact to viewers. But seriously, what is it with the Korean movie style that makes it so popular all over the world?

Kpop and Korean Series in Rent Movie Blog

One thing that makes the Korean film famous is the quality of their cinematography. They maintain high standard quality films using high-definition video cameras and audio technologies. Apart from this, Koreans mastered different kinds of shooting techniques which of course enhance the final output by making the pictures more dramatic. The Korean movies also have unexpected twists in the story that makes it unforgettable to its viewers. Their passion to promote their country’s culture and tourism is very much evident in their movies. Famous movie scenes were promoted and become additional attractions in Korea.

Other than Korean Movies, Indie films or Independent Films also started to make a name in the society. Unlike regular movies, Indie films are usually produced by independent entertainment companies and often have lower budget compared to major studio outfits. In fact, you may not believe but maybe one of your favorite movies is actually an Indie Film. Take for example the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which garnered $100 Million dollars in the United States in the year 1990  and considered the most successful Indie film. More successful Indie films are  Castle Rock, The Shawshank Redemption and The Mask which one may actually believe to come from a major studio.

Old Indie Films

Nowadays, animated films also capture an ample number of viewers all over the world because of the artistry and animation techniques which makes it more interesting and entertaining to watch like Kubo and the Two Strings which is from the US.

For this yuletide season, are you ready to join the marathon of watching movies? Come on, why not?