Movies and Life

Terry Pratchett from the Moving Pictures once said,  “The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only it’s as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no-one will tell you the plot, so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues.”  I totally agree with what he has said.
Life as a movie
 Life is such a mystery that you really wouldn’t know exactly what scene is going to happen next,  or what will happen to you in the coming days and months.  But once you have started to watch it,  little by little or scene by scene,  or by the lines they utter,  we will be able to somewhat know the ending of the story.
Life is really like a movie.  There is a start, a middle part, and an ending.   There are a lot of scenes or happenings in it— happy moments, sad moments,  action-filled events,  romance or love,  comedy,  horror and so on and so forth.   That is life,  full of moments to ponder and reflect on.
Life has a lot of options for all of us.  If we strive more,  life will be better in the long run.   If we have a very good foundation in our younger years with our families or guardians in the area of values formation,  most probably,  we will have a good,  if not,  better life choices.   We would probably choose to have a better education to prepare for our future.  We will choose to obey rules and regulations because our parents or guardians raised us to be obedient and follow the elders.  We were taught what are the right things to do or identify the right from wrong.
It is very true nowadays,  that if you have no education,  life is harder.   It is very difficult to land a very good and high paying jobs if you no college degree.   But if we have better education,  or shall I say we have graduated for at least a college education,  there will be a lot of job opportunities open for us.  We can choose better and high paying jobs.
Just like the movies,  we can somewhat predict what is going to happen next or at the end of the movie as we go through it from the start.  The scenes from the start and from the middle have a lot of sense at the end of the story.  The end of the movie has really had something to do with the scenes at the start and in the middle.  My point here is,  our future has really something to do with the things that we do in the past.   It is really true that we will really sow what we reap.   The fruit of what we sow will really be the one that we can harvest in the future.   If we sow an apple seed,  then we will, of course, harvest an apple fruit.   If we sow bad things in our lives,  then we will harvest bad things as well.
Let’s live life to the fullest as we chose the positive things life has to offer.   Let us start right and end right.   But it is still not yet too late.   If we have done something wrong at the early stage of our lives,  then we can still move forward.   We can still fix our lives and do better.   Just like the movies,  if the part 1 is not that good,  then,  we can still improve it in part 2 of the movie.   We still can have a better sequel to the movie.   That is life.   We all have a lot of choices.   And it is better to choose the right one even if it is hard to do,  because, in the end,  we will reap a good reward.   Rather than choose the easiest way or the wrong way, or we call it advance gratification,  but in the end, we will suffer the consequences of our wrong choices in the past.
Wow!  Movies are really exciting to watch,  just like life,  it is very exciting to live life to the fullest and do what is right.   I want to have a very good and beautiful ending of my movie.  How about you? Do you want to watch it?